Saturday, March 25, 2023

All Clear/Bare Bones of a Forecast

The severe weather threat for North Alabama and our bordering counties in Southern Middle Tennessee is over tonight, and the Tornado Watch was cancelled a little bit early, was going to expire at 3 AM anyway. Georgia is still having some issues with severe thunderstorms, but their tornado threat is very low, just dealing with damaging straight-line winds in storms. 

I do not have the energy to do a detailed forecast or discussion but will simply hit the high points:

Tomorrow will be a sunny day, still breezy behind this cold front, High up in the upper 70's, about 78 degrees. 

And when I say tomorrow, I mean Saturday. Technically it is already Saturday, but . . . this has been a long night. 

Mostly sunny again on Sunday during the day, starting the morning around 50 or so degrees and warming into the mid-70's. And then Sunday night some more rain moves in, scattered to numerous showers possible. 

Then on Monday, widely scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible, High in mid-70's again, Low in mid-to-upper-50's. From what I last saw, any stronger storms were expected to stay over about the Southern half of Alabama. 

Then on Tuesday we'll be clearing out with a High in upper 60's. 

Sunny skies on Wednesday with temperatures similar to Tuesday, except the Low Wednesday morning will probably dip down close to 40. 

Then on Thursday and Friday, chances for rain and storms come back, and temperatures warm back up into the 70's. 

Now just to double-check things, Sunday night into Monday morning, there is a severe weather risk outlooked for much of Central and South Alabama. This is a basic risk for damaging winds, large hail, and perhaps a few isolated tornadoes in some storms. At this point, nothing makes me think it will affect us up in the Tennessee Valley. 

Now on Thursday, the SPC has outlooked a severe weather risk for the Great Plains, basic 15% risk. And they mention that we'll just have to watch what it does, that storm system, going into next weekend, see if it poses any severe weather threat further East. 

So there's your heads up. 

But overall I say, relax, the bad stuff is over for a while. 

And I'd rather end on a note of a little bit of a forecast than just dwelling on what a rough night it has been. 

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