Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Staying Cold, Some Showers Possible Tomorrow Night

Thursday (High 42, Low 16): Mostly sunny. Rain showers are likely at night, and a brief wintry mix is possible, with no significant accumulation expected. 

Friday (High 35, Low 29): Partly to mostly sunny. Cold and breezy.

Saturday (High 26, Low 10): Sunny. Staying really cold.

Sunday (High 40, Low 9): Sunny.

Monday (High 51, Low 20): Mostly sunny.

Tuesday (High 55, Low 34): Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers.

Wednesday (High 59, Low 41): Partly to mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers. 

Latest observations from the Noon hour show that besides abundant sunshine and perfect visibility (that part I figured out by looking out the window), Cullman has a temperature of 25 degrees. The dewpoint is 7 degrees, making the relative humidity 46%. Winds are variable at 5 miles per hour, and that makes the wind chill index 19 degrees. The pressure is 30.35 inches and falling slowly. The Low this morning was 5 degrees. And the wind chill got down to -1. 

It is sunny and 27 degrees in Jasper. Their Low was also 5 degrees this morning. Sunny and 31 in Haleyville, they had a Low of 5 degrees too this morning, seems to be a popular number. 

Decatur is sunny and 23, had a Low of 7. Huntsville is sunny and 22, had a Low of 8. 

Interesting conditions at Savannah, Tennessee, in Hardin County. They are sunny and 25. The dewpoint is listed as -0, so I'm just going to assume that's zero, since zero cannot be a positive or negative number. (But maybe since they put a minus sign in front of it, I should say "positive nor negative" to keep the vibe going.) So the relative humidity is 31%. Winds are Southwest at 8 miles per hour gusting to 18 mph. So the wind chill is still down at 19 degrees. Pressure is 30.32 inches and falling slowly. And they had a Low of -8 this morning. That wasn't a wind chill value, that was the actual temperature. The wind chill got all the way down to -18 this morning. 

Muscle Shoals is sunny and 25. The Low was 4 degrees. 

Memphis is sunny and 26. They had a Low of 3 degrees, which is what I forecast yesterday for Cullman, and we only got down to 5. So at least the home of Elvis Presley's crooning appreciates my forecasts . . . 

Speaking of music, just had to check Nashville, they are sunny and 20 degrees, dewpoint of 1 . . . and I'm not going to tell you the relative humidity there. Go and calculate it on your own if it matters to ya'. I just can't get over these low dewpoints. When's the last time I saw a dewpoint of 1 or 0 around here? South winds at 10 mph bring the wind chill to 9 degrees there. They had some patchy fog this morning too. Their Low this morning was Zero degrees, but again, the computer system is showing it as -0. Last I checked, there was never such a thing as -0 or +0 for a number value. Zero is literally the null point in the middle of all infinite integers. That's why it's special, kind of like infinity. 

Only total numbskulls say "to infinity . . . and beyond." Infinity is the beyond that we can't even fathom. 

Though I'm not sure if that still works if you add tiny marshmallows, with a mild apology to Paul Harris the magician for borrowing his silly comments from my memory banks as I make inane commentary interspersed with some actual meteorology. 

I gotta' quit this some day. I'm not a professional. 

Corinth, Mississippi got down to -9 this morning. While Tupelo got to 9 degrees on the other side of zero. 

We have high pressure building into the region from the Ark-LA-Tex. 

We'll probably make it up to about freezing for the afternoon High. Somebody pointed out that a lot of spots in Tennessee were colder today than it is in Alaska right now. 

We'll probably get down to about the 15-20 degree range again tonight, then warm to 40 or so tomorrow under mostly sunny skies. 

As far as tomorrow night, it looks like most of the rain will come before midnight. Anything still falling after midnight could produce a wintry mix, mainly of freezing rain. No significant accumulation is expected around here, and for the most part, this is expected to be a routine cold rain event. 

Then Friday looks mostly sunny and breezy behind the front, the High dropping back into the mid-30's, the Low Thursday night/Friday morning in the upper 20's. 

High pressure will move through our region Saturday through Monday, keeping us dry. 

Saturday's High should only be in the mid-20's, Low near 10 degrees again. 

Then Sunday we should warm up to the upper 30's or maybe even 40 degrees, still very dry air at night so around 10 degrees again Saturday night/Sunday morning. 

Then Monday we might have a few more clouds ,High near 50, Low in lower 20's. The high pressure system will be moving to the Mid-Atlantic coast by then. 

Then another system will approach us Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday will feature a High in the 50's, Low in the 30's (probably mid-30's), about a 20% chance of rain. Then Wednesday the High should be closer to 60, the Low rebounding into the lower 40's. May just blanket both days with 30% chance of rain. 

Rainfall amounts for this forecast period should stay generally under a half-inch, and for eastern counties, maybe more like under a quarter-inch. 

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