Friday, March 15, 2024

Tornado Warning

Things looking dangerous on the Alabama side too now. 

5:23 AM - Two distinct circulations in Lamar County, and either one could be producing a tornado. Even if not, the winds are likely to be dangerous in these storms. I would take shelter right away if in the path. The warning goes about 30 more minutes, until 6 AM. 

Out of a mobile home, out of a car, get into a sturdy house or other strong building. Be on the lowest floor, away from windows, and try to get into a bathroom or other small room like a hallway. Cover your head if you have time in case of falling or flying debris. Even if a tree falls or a window breaks, these precautions can protect you a lot. 

5:33 AM - Now for the rest of us, this line for now is just bringing some strong thunderstorms that could produce wind gusts up to about 40 miles per hour. But I am giving priority to these tornadic circulations even though they are very much on the fringes of North Alabama. It is bad timing and a somewhat dangerous situation, especially for anyone driving or in a mobile home. 

5:40 - Taking another look at the area of concern. People in Fayette, be getting ready to go to a safe place if you need to, if the warning is extended, even if it is extended as a severe thunderstorm warning. These kinds of winds like the radar is showing in this part of the squall line can be dangerous even if they do not end up producing a tornado touchdown. But there could be a tornado going on here, and I would respect the risk. 

5:46 - Tough decision the Weather Service has right now, whether to extend the warning in what form. But if I lived in Fayette right now, I would go ahead and go to that small room (bathroom, closet, hallway) on the lowest floor near the center of a sturdy house. Even if it is extended as a severe thunderstorm warning, these winds do look potentially dangerous. And we saw confirmed wind damage earlier this long night. 

Okay we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. 

And the following message is part of the warning:


Remain alert for a possible tornado! Tornadoes can develop quickly

from severe thunderstorms. If you spot a tornado go at once into the

basement or small central room in a sturdy structure.

For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a


I think that's exactly how I would have handled this. We are lucky to have these guys who work so hard around here. The storm is starting to show a bow echo, which usually means damaging straight-line winds. But even there, the damage can sometimes be significant. And this is a close call, with it still being dark and the storm is over rural areas. A tornado could definitely develop from this. But either way, I would be sheltered for this. 

Tornado Warning




Tornado Warning

National Weather Service Birmingham AL

510 AM CDT Fri Mar 15 2024

The National Weather Service in Birmingham has issued a

* Tornado Warning for...

  Lamar County in west central Alabama...

* Until 600 AM CDT.

* At 510 AM CDT, severe thunderstorms capable of producing a tornado

  were located along a line extending from Sulligent to near Steens,

  moving east at 35 mph.


  SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation.

  IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without

           shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed.

           Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur.  Tree

           damage is likely.

* Locations impacted include...

  Vernon, Sulligent, Millport, Kennedy, Beaverton, Blooming Grove,

  Lamar County Airport, Crews, Bedford, Crossville, Cody, Lamar

  County Public Lake, Star, Hightogy, and Melborne.


TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest

floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a

mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter

and protect yourself from flying debris.

This line of thunderstorms is capable of producing tornadoes and

widespread significant wind damage. Do not wait to see or hear the

tornado. For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest

floor of a building.


LAT...LON 3373 8825 3392 8822 3396 8795 3353 8795

      3354 8827

TIME...MOT...LOC 1010Z 286DEG 30KT 3390 8813 3360 8829





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