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Tornado Warning

6:02 PM - So like I've said all day, these things can happen quickly. Anywhere in the polygon, need to stay sheltered until sure the danger is past. 

And there is a helpful aid to any Spanish readers. NWS Huntsville passes those along these days. 

6:04 - The rotation is a little better-defined now. 

And a spotter reported a funnel cloud East of Athens, got that from broadcast media (WAFF-48). It is getting close to the Madison County line. If you're in or near Harvest, need to be in your safe spot - small central room on lowest floor of a sturdy house, away from windows. Cover your head if you have time. 

6:10 - Hopefully people in or near Harvest are already sheltered. If you're up at Hazel Green or Moores Mill, on the fringes of the polygon, at least be getting ready in case you need to take shelter, and watch this thing. 

6:12 - And we're about to get another Tornado Watch that includes the rest of North Alabama. Apparently that low-level jet is picking up as forecast by some models. 

6:14 - It looks like this may move right through Harvest. Please assume it is already on the ground and stay sheltered. 

6:16 - And here's the broad view back on reflectivity. 

6:17 - Aha, and Limestone County Sheriff reported some trees down at Athens City. So I consider this tornado confirmed. 

6:21 - The tornado has now passed Northeast of Harvest, and moving in the general direction of Hazel Green. Have seen the rotation weaken and then look good again. In this atmosphere, I wouldn't take chance, stay sheltered and assume it is still on the ground. We've had damage back in Limestone County and also a reliable report of a funnel cloud with this. So I wouldn't fool around. 

Tornado Warning



6:26 - Sharing the above tweet in case anyone still wonders why this storm deserves to be taken seriously.  

Waiting to post another radar scan until NWS makes a decision as to extending the warning and issues a new polygon. 

Sometimes a look at the sky is better than just radar. 

6:31 - Ok, they extended it, it will be to Fayetteville by 6:40 PM CDT.

Please remember that this storm has a history of producing some damage and that several people have seen what appeared to be a wall cloud or funnel cloud with it. So all the signs are there that we have a tornado here. 

6:33 - Ok I misspoke, the polygon only clips Fayetteville, but the text of the new warning did say the storm was head for Fayetteville. It's good to stay sheltered there because the whole storm is dangerous, but the rotation couplet is clearly moving from Hazel Green into more rural parts of Lincoln/Moore/Franklin Counties in Tennessee. 

6:37 - From the text of the new warning:

Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include

Mulberry, Plevna, Elora, Belleview, Booneville, Skinem, Smithland,

Molino, Flintville, and Fisk.

Sometimes I have to learn local geography as I go just like the rest of you. Some of the smaller communties I'm not as familiar with, but hey, people live here. 

6:41 - At this point, the rotation is not looking very strong. But these storms can cycle up and down. Plus radar can make mistakes. This storm has a history of damage and funnel clouds. So from Northern Hazel Green to Fayetteville to Huntland and all those smaller communities in between, in that polygon, you need to be in a small central room on the lowest floor of a sturdy house, away from windows - not in a mobile home. 

6:44 - Taking the broad view, there is a severe thunderstorm coming from Corinth, MS that bears watching. It is part of a secondary line that has formed. This is a very messy setup, and we have to watch these storms this evening closely. 

6:48 - This storm continues to show some weak rotation as it tracks into Tennessee. This is mainly affecting rural areas, but if you are anywhere in this polygon, please stay in a safe place until this is over. 

6:58 - And here is our new Tornado Watch, goes until 2 AM. And this catches the counties of North Alabama that the other Tornado Watch did not. 

7 PM - And the Tornado Warning had been extended again, up to places like Winchester, Estill Springs, clipping Huntland. In or near any of these communities, you need to get to a safe place and stay there until this danger has passed. 

The rotation is looking healthy again, and remember that this storm has multiple reports of funnel clouds with it and several reports of tree damage. 

7:03 - And I want to strongly encourage everyone in the general path of this storm to take it seriously. The whole storm is dangerous, but the part we think has a tornado is looking very strong on radar right now. We're getting into the dark hours, and nobody needs to wait to see or hear this thing. Shelter now even if it's several minutes away from you. People in Winchester have a little time. Use that time to get to safety. Cover your body if you can, particularly your head and neck. If you've got a good pillow or something like a helmet. 

7:07 - Looks like this thing is trying to develop a hook echo. One more reason to take it seriously. 

7:09 - In or near any of these communities in the polygon, please get to your tornado shelter and stay there until you are sure this is on by. 

7:11 - Another radar scan, not seeing that hook trend anymore. But it sure does look pretty impressive on the velocity product. We are getting into the dark hours, and I would assume this rotation is on the ground, that we have a tornado here. Protect yourself and loved ones. 

7:14 - Hopefully everyone in these warned communities are in shelter by now. 

7:16 - Meanwhile WVTM-13 has shared a list of public shelters in Central Alabama, many of those counties now under the Tornado Watch too. 

7:18 - And if you're wonder who's under the watch, the answer is: all of us. 

7:24 - The rotation is not looking as strong now, but remember, it has weakened many times and ramped right back up. So please stay sheltered in the path of this, and don't shrug it off. Tornadoes are much harder to confirm after dark, but this storm has done a lot of tree damage, and a lot of people have seen funnel clouds with it along its path. 

7:27 - Some of the counties of West TN are being cleared from the watch as the cold front moves through those areas. By the way, this second line moving into Lauderdale County producing some gusty winds is ahead of the front. Once the front passes through your area, you'll be done with severe weather for the night. We've got a ways to go, most of us in North Alabama, several more hours. 

7:30 - And good news on this storm that prompted this post originally. It has weakened below severe limits there near Winchester, and the warning is being allowed to expire on time. 

7:32 - There is a storm headed toward Waterloo out of Mississippi with that secondary line back there. And it was reported by law enforcement as producing wind gusts up to about 50 mph and pea sized hail. So that's not severe, but it's a pretty strong thunderstorm. And storms can intensify quickly in this environment. That's why we have the Tornado Watch. I do think this storm that started around Athens and weakened before it got to Winchester likely did produce a tornado. 

7:40 - If you've kept up with social media or glanced at Ryan Hall's live stream, you know the tornado threat is verifying well in Kentucky and nearby states like Ohio, think a lot of the Tornado Warnings I saw were in Indiana. But there are a lot of them. And several tornadoes have been confirmed with damage up that way today. 

7:42 - This is how many storms are going on up North. 

All the red polygons are Tornado Warnings, yellow are Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. 

7:44 - And here are the storm reports so far from yesterday and today. I think it'd be fair to call this a severe weather outbreak that has affected many states. 

And there has been an earthquake in Taiwan. But I'll worry about that later. We have a local severe weather threat through at least about Midnight, may last until 2 AM when the Tornado Watch officially is set to expire. 

8:08 PM - We do have some thunderstorms, one strong one near Winchester with gusty winds, small hail in it, not severe. 

Nothing is severe right now. Of course we do have that last line moving into Northwest Alabama. 

And I'm watching that thunderstorm that is isolated, moving from North of Jasper up in the general direction of Cullman. As of right now, nothing looks too concerning, but it does appear to be strengthening with an uptick in the lightning. On a night like tonight, you do have to watch in case storms intensify rapidly, especially if they are out by themselves. Although the atmosphere is not nearly as favorable for severe as it was before. Still have to keep an eye on things. 

And Morgan County, TN has set up a shelter, the Red Cross there. For people who had damage and no longer have a home, stuff like that. 

8:21 - The new SPC outlook doesn't change much for us locally. Things have calmed down some up North from how ravaging they were earlier. 

8:24 - And none of these storms are worrying me at this point. The cluster around Winchester is a little strong. Nothing in our vicinity showing any signs of becoming severe at this point. 

8:32 - Middle Tennessee counties are gradually being trimmed out of the Tornado Watch. It'll be another hour or two before many counties in Alabama start to be cleared. The cold front has to get here. 

8:36 - Check out this story, a family that got trapped under a mobile home in Kentucky after the storms turned it over. And somehow they made it out without serious injury. What a close call. So again, all this advice has good reason behind it. The houses nearby are fine. The mobile home was turned completely over by the winds. That's from WBRC-6.

8:45 - There is some confusion over who's still under the Tornado Watch and who's been cancelled from it. So until that is sorted out, I'm going to leave it alone. When I see something reliable from the NWS Huntsville, then I'll pass it along. 

But we do have a new statement from SPC showing that the focus for supercells is going to stay well to our South. 

8:49 - We do have the official word from NWS Nashville that they are letting the earlier Tornado Watch expire on time. It expires in ten minutes at 9 PM CDT. 

The stuff for North Alabama counties, still not sure what's going to happen with that. 

The environment certainly has become a lot less favorable for severe weather. 

8:54 - That second line back there is very, very weak. Things sure wound down in a hurry. I think the severe threat is over if you're West of Huntsville and Cullman. And all Tennessee counties. That's my personal opinion. But different TV stations are posting different graphics from what you find on the NWS official site. And the NWS Huntsville has not posted on social media anything to let everyone know who's in and who's out of the watch. It certainly will not last until 2 AM for the rest of North Alabama. And as I say, I think all of our bordering counties of Tennessee are in the clear for severe weather the rest of tonight. 

9:03 PM - Going to start a new post now that the watch for Tennessee has expired. 


Tornado Warning

National Weather Service Huntsville AL

553 PM CDT Tue Apr 2 2024

The National Weather Service in Huntsville Alabama has issued a

* Tornado Warning for...

  Northwestern Madison County in north central Alabama...

  Northeastern Limestone County in north central Alabama...

  Southwestern Lincoln County in Middle Tennessee...

* Until 630 PM CDT.

* At 553 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado

  was located over Athens, moving northeast at 40 mph.


  SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation.

  IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without

           shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed.

           Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur.  Tree

           damage is likely.

* This dangerous storm will be near...

  Athens around 600 PM CDT.

  Harvest around 605 PM CDT.

  Hazel Green around 625 PM CDT.

Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include

Blanche, Capshaw, French Mill, Taft, Toney, and Elkwood.


TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest

floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a

mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter

and protect yourself from flying debris.


LAT...LON 3474 8701 3481 8707 3508 8672 3479 8648

TIME...MOT...LOC 2253Z 240DEG 34KT 3481 8697





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