Monday, May 27, 2024

Bare Bones Forecast

 Well another stormy night has ended, at least the severe weather threat for North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee. 

The rest of today any remaining showers and storms should remain widely scattered, and the bulk of the day will become mostly sunny with a High near 86. 

Tuesday looks sunny behind the front, drier air pushing in, we'll see a High in about the 83-85 range, a Low about 60-62. 

Maybe a few passing clouds Wednesday as we get a reinforcing dry front to bring even more cool dry air in here. High near 80, Low near 60. 

Then Thursday we feel the effects of that extra shot of cool dry air. Sunny skies and a High struggling to even make 80, probably just upper 70's. The morning Low should be down in the upper 50's or maybe even mid-50's. 

Sunny skies on Friday, High near 80 or so, Low in upper 50's. 

And then Saturday and Sunday, a few clouds coming back and chances for isolated rain, about a 20% chance, which translates to a 1-in-5 chance of any one spot getting a shower or thunderstorm. Highs should be in the lower 80's, Lows in the lower 60's. And these rain chances do not look any higher than on typical summer days. Which kinda' works since Saturday is the first day of June, meteorological summer. Also the first day of hurricane season technically but let's not jinx anything. 

We got off pretty good with this severe weather event. Sounds like we just had tree and power line damage around here, probably from straight-line winds, but they'll go out and survey it in case there was a tornado somewhere in the mix. We definitely got the leftovers with this one, and for some reason, even with supercells forming just ahead of the squall line and then merging with it, it didn't get anywhere near as bad as it could have. 

Nationwide it was a different story, numerous tornado reports, some did significant damage in the Plains and Mid-South on Saturday and then yesterday, the focus was more in Missouri, Kentucky, and Southern Illinois for tornadoes. Tons of damaging thunderstorm winds across the Ohio Valley and over into the Mid-Atlantic yesterday. A fair amount of large hail too, especially in Missouri where those supercells originally fired up that ended up producing so much tornado damage. The hail in those was pretty crazy too. 

Of course we don't have the final tally yet, and there are storm surveys to be done this week. 

But that's a quick look at things. I've heard of no injuries in North Alabama or from our neighbors up there in Tennessee. So with pleasant weather coming in, I feel like taking a cat nap, whether my cats want to nap with me or not. 

Hasta luego.

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