Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Heat Wave Lasts the Rest of This Week

Wednesday through Saturday (High 95-96, Low 72-73): Sunny. Very hot and humid, with heat indices easily exceeding 100 degrees - heat advisory in effect.

Sunday (High ~90, Low ~70): Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm.

Monday/Tuesday (High 86-88, Low 65-68): Partly to mostly sunny with a 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm. 

For some reason, the sky reports are not available from Cullman right now. But we have had sunny days. Some fog in the mornings or at night. Today was another sunny day, and of course really hot and humid. The actual temperature only got to 91, but the heat index got up to 107. And that's in the danger zone where you could get a heatstroke if you're not careful. The Low this morning was 70. Jasper saw a High of 95, Heat Index got up to 110 there, morning Low was 72. Haleyville had a High of 92, Low of 70. But the heat index there again was 105 at the hottest time of the day. 

We do have a heat advisory. And actually for Walker County and into Fayette and Lamar, it is an excessive heat warning, a lot like they've got out over much of the Mid-South and Midwest, like back into Kansas and Missouri. Actually the excessive heat extends all the way into Iowa, parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Pretty bad heat wave going on across much of the country right now. 

And that heat dome is going to stay parked for a while. It looks sunny with a High in the mid-90's, Low in the lower 70's. And the humidity will cause it to feel more like it's over a hundred degrees. 

Then finally late Saturday into early Sunday, we have a frontal boundary that may make it through North Alabama down to about Birmingham or Montgomery. At least model trends suggest it will. We've had several "cold fronts" pass through this summer, and we're getting close to Fall now. (Although you wouldn't know it by going outside, even at night.) Whether it brings a minimal rain chance back or not, this front should moderate temperatures Sunday to about 90 for the High, Low closer to 70. And then behind that, we get a shot of milder air, still probably upper 80's for Monday, and upper 60's for the Low. Monday is probably our best shot at seeing an isolated shower or thunderstorm. And Tuesday again I think upper 80's for the High, upper 60's for the Low. That will be refreshing for people who don't like the heat. Best idea on rain chances is to blanket Sunday through Tuesday with a 20% chance of just an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 

But rain is going to be scarce. 

The tropics have finally gotten active. 

The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Harold are producing heavy rainfall as it moves through South Texas and Northern Mexico, mainly the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon. They will have to look out for landslides in case flooding occurs. 

And Tropical Storm Franklin is bringing the threat of flooding and mudslides to Hispaniola through Thursday, also a Tropical Storm Warning in effect for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. So they have a risk for a lot of heavy rains and high winds, not as much as a hurricane, but still enough to do minor damage and be a hazard for anyone not prepared. 

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