Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Severe T'Storm Warning


Definitely seeing signs of large hail in this storm. The broad rotation where you see the color contrast there points to it being a rotating storm well up in the atmosphere that is probably producing damaging winds down at the surface. 

6:41 - Remember that we've got a couple storms lined up behind it, the western of those two storms showing signs of producing severe winds and hail too, back in Marion County for now, but the warning includes western parts of Winston County, places like Natural Bridge. 

6:43 - Forgot to mention Arkadelphia when rattling off names of communities in the warning in Southern Cullman County. I saw some hail pictures from there earlier. And they are under the gun again.

6:45 - And another warning now from about Berry in Fayette County over to Gorgas in Walker County, far Southern part of the county there, storm should pass South of Dora as it tracks further East. This warning also clips the far northern part of Tuscaloosa County but is nowhere close to the city of Tuscaloosa. 

6:55 - Here's more of the broad radar view as we get toward the top of the 7 o' clock hour. 

6:57 - By the way, apologies to anybody who took my advice to tune in to Live 95.5 FM in Cullman for reliable weather coverage, which I mentioned yesterday. Sounds like still some really good music this evening, but I have not heard them report any of these warnings that have affected Cullman or nearby counties. So I no longer will recommend them for severe weather coverage. They still have great music, a good mix of music, and even have three or four different channels if you stream them online. But for weather coverage, I guess you have to tune elsewhere. For now all I know is the 89.3 FM classical station. They are for Huntsville, and Cullman is covered by the National Weather Service in Huntsville. The 90.3 FM station for Birmingham should cover counties like Walker, Blount, probably Winston. It seems like I've heard some decent weather coverage on another station in Cullman, maybe 92.something. I think it was a station that mostly played old country songs. 

7:01 PM - And the warning for Southern Cullman County has been let go. That storm is weakening some as it moves into Blount County. Still watching that storm back in Southeast Marion and Southwest Winston Counties that shows signs of severe wind gusts and hail. 

7:17 - Found that station I was thinking about in Cullman - 92.1 WKUL. They have a Braves baseball game on right now. I used to watch those with my great-grandma, the weather lady in the family, haven't really kept up with them since then. I'm tuning in to see if they report any other warnings if any are needed for any part of Cullman County as this other storm comes from Marion and Winston Counties. Just curious to see if they will cut in to report it. Radio stations can serve a purpose when NOAA Weather Radio goes down like now. I was unable to pick up the Arab transmitter from where I am. I have an old weather radio that has sentimental value. Part of the top of the antenna broke off at one point, and I just taped it up. It works perfectly for the local channel. But a lot of people might not be able to tune in to the Arab channel. So being able to get this info from regular radio as it gets into the evening and night hours can be important. I'm trying to update myself on who cares about this or doesn't locally. 

7:21 - And or better or worse, it doesn't look like the storms are maintaining strength as they move into Winston and into Cullman County. The warning has been let go. The one for Southern Walker County, around Gorgas, remains in effect. 

7:24 - They've issued another Special Weather Statement though for far Southern Cullman County, around Arkadelphia and Colony. 

And the watch goes until 8 PM. 

7:25 - Actually it has been cleared for many counties, such as Franklin, Lawrence, Morgan, Marshall, and Dekalb, and was already cancelled for areas North of there. It remains in effect for Cullman, Walker, Winston, Marion, Lamar, Fayette, Blount, and Cleburne. Also Jefferson County and some points East of there. 

7:31 - And here we've got a new Severe Thunderstorm Watch that is for Central Alabama until 11 PM. It includes Walker and Blount Counties. But I plan to stop covering things on this blog when the earlier Watch that includes Cullman County expires in about half an hour. For this new watch, in case anybody from further into Central Alabama is reading, they are concerned with very large hail as the main threat, also damaging winds up to about 70 mph. 

8 PM - Time for the Watch to expire. Severe thunderstorms may still happen in Walker and Blount Counties and other parts of Central Alabama, but my coverage ends here. Going to write up a forecast, probably an abbreviated one. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warning




Severe Thunderstorm Warning

National Weather Service Huntsville AL

632 PM CDT Wed Aug 9 2023

The National Weather Service in Huntsville Alabama has issued a

* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for...

  Southwestern Cullman County in north central Alabama...

* Until 700 PM CDT.

* At 632 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm was located near Smith Dam, or

  12 miles southeast of Arley, moving east at 35 mph.

  HAZARD...60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail.

  SOURCE...Radar indicated.

  IMPACT...Hail damage to vehicles is expected. Expect wind damage

           to roofs, siding, and trees.

* Locations impacted include...

  Dodge City, Garden City, Colony, Wilburn, Bremen, Black Bottom,

  Smith Lake and Arkadelphia.


For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a



LAT...LON 3393 8709 3396 8712 3408 8711 3403 8672

      3402 8672 3397 8678 3396 8679 3395 8679

      3396 8682 3394 8682 3395 8685 3393 8686

      3394 8688 3392 8689 3391 8692 3390 8693

TIME...MOT...LOC 2332Z 273DEG 31KT 3399 8703







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