Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Thumbnail Update

Our weather is calm right now. And I'm tired, also concerned about some people who may have sheltered in place for the hurricane. So just going to hit the high points this evening. 

(Edit 9:12 PM - I had an afterthought and a second wind and actually did post a proper forecast.)

The remnants of Hurricane Idalia have moved into the Carolinas. It is not down to tropical storm strength, and it will soon move into the Atlantic Ocean, and we'll see what it does from there. The Island of Bermuda needs to watch its progress, though the computer models have been all over the place with what its future track could be. It has caused some flash flooding issues that are ongoing in South Carolina. 

Tonight we should get down to about 60 degrees locally, Lower 80's for the High tomorrow under sunny skies, the breeze from the hurricane will be gone. So sunny and about 83 tomorrow, Low of 60. Then the Low might edge more toward the mid-60's when we briefly get some return flow from the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, High down close to 80, more clouds around and a chance for rain, but any showers or thunderstorms should stay pretty isolated across the region. Then mostly sunny skies return Saturday and Sunday, High in lower to mid-80's and Lows in the lower to mid-60's. Then sunny skies continue for Labor Day with a High in the upper 80's. Sunshine should stay around through next Wednesday, when High may get up to 90 again, air is dry enough that Lows may actually stay in lower 60's. 

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