Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cooler Air This Weekend, Staying Dry, Plenty of Sunshine

Wednesday (High 84, Low 58): Mostly sunny.

Thursday (High 82, Low 60): Partly cloudy.

Friday (High 80, Low 62): Partly cloudy with isolated showers possible.

Saturday (High 67, Low 50): Mostly sunny.

Sunday (High 68, Low 42): Sunny.

Columbus Day (High 72, Low 44): Sunny.

Tuesday (High 75, Low 46): Mostly sunny.

We had another sunny day in Cullman with a High of 84 and a Low of 57. 

That front is now moving through the Great Plains and will bring us a chance of rain late this week, though only a low chance. 

Wednesday should bring another mostly sunny day, High in lower to mid-80's, the Low tonight of about 57 or 58 again. Then we'll see an increase in clouds on Thursday, but if we see any chance of rain, it should come at night, High in lower 80's, Low near 60. Friday is the main day for a lot of clouds and a chance of rain, but even then, chance of rain should stay down about 20%, about a 1-in-5 shot of any one spot getting a shower. High near 80, Low of 60 or so. 

Behind that front on Saturday we'll see rapid clearing and turning cooler, our first real blast of Fall air starting to come in. Should see a High in the upper 60's and a Low near 50. Then sunshine again Sunday, upper 60's for the High, Low getting down close to 40, very dry and cool air on the way. Columbus Day sunshine remains over region, and with such dry air the morning may still start in the lower 40's, only warming to 70 or so in afternoon. Then more like mid-70's and mid-40's on Tuesday. 

Tropical Storm Philippe is bringing heavy rains and gusty winds to the Leeward and Virgin Islands. And people in Bermuda as well as people up around Maine will want to keep an eye on this system since some impacts are possible this weekend, even though it is likely to remain below hurricane strength. 

Any rain we get Thursday night through Friday should be light and isolated. 

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