Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Staying Cold Until the Weekend, Looks Like Some Rain For Christmas

Today (High 46): Sunny. Cold.

Wednesday (High 52, Low 25): Mostly sunny. Staying cold. 

Thursday (High 55, Low 28): Mostly sunny. Staying cold. 

Friday (High 58, Low 31): Partly cloudy. 

Saturday (High 60, Low 38): Partly cloudy.

Christmas Eve (High 61, Low 40): Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers.

Christmas (High 60, Low 42): Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers. 

At 4:30 AM skies are clear in Cullman. The temperature is 28 degrees. The dewpoint is 16, making the relative humidity 59%. Winds are North at 5 miles per hour, which brings our Wind Chill down to 22 degrees this morning. The pressure is 30.25 inches and rising. 

Jasper also has clear skies with a temperature and dewpoint of 21 degrees, so 100% relative humidity. Winds are calm. The pressure is 30.29 inches and rising. 

Haleyville is clear and 27 degrees. The dewpoint is 16, making the relative humidity 63%. Winds are from the North at 3 mph. The pressure is 30.28 inches/1025 millibars and rising. 

We have high pressure moving into the region from out West. And we are very cold, as everyone has noticed, don't need a weather dude to tell you that. 

We'll stay sunny today but only get up to about 46 degrees for the afternoon High. Just going with MOS guidance straight for this one. 

The high pressure remains in place tomorrow, and it'll be another cold one. Should start the day in the mid-20's, I'm going to estimate about 24-25, and then only warm to the lower 50's in the afternoon, maybe 51-52. Skies staying mostly sunny. 

And then basically the same deal on Thursday. Temperatures will continue to moderate under mostly sunny skies, the High edging into the mid, maybe upper 50's, and the morning Low still down in the 20's, but more toward the upper 20's again. 

A cold front will be moving into the Mississippi River Valley on Friday. We'll have some increase in clouds around here ahead of it, High getting up into the upper 50's, don't think most of us make it to 60, and the Low rebounding to about 30 or so. This is several nights below freezing. 

That front looks like it will stall out, move slowly, and stay pretty weak. We will probably stay dry for Saturday around here, probably not even looking at isolated rain. Because of the slow movement of this front. The High should get back to about 60, and the Low should be up in the upper 30's again. 

And the latest model runs are making the rain look pretty scarce on Sunday, which is Christmas Eve. Still will include at least a minimal 20% chance of rain, looks like more of it might move in at night, High around 60, Low of about 40 or so. 

Then for Christmas, this next Monday, it looks like the bulk of that moisture will be moving through the region, making for at least 40-50% chances of rain. Not going to bump it up into the "likely" category yet. Looks like a High near 60 again and a Low rebounding into the upper 40's. 

Rainfall totals will probably come out to less than an inch regionwide, less than a half-inch for many of us, and across the TN border, probably less than a quarter-inch for a lot of us. 

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