Friday, February 9, 2024

Rainy Weekend, Few Storms Possible, Sunny and Cool Middle of Next Week

Saturday (High 66, Low 57): Rain - perhaps heavy at times. Isolated thunderstorms are also possible.

Sunday (High 65, Low 54): Rain continuing off and on through day and night. Isolated thunderstorms are also possible and could become strong. 

Monday (High 63, Low 51): Breezy and cloudy with numerous rain showers continuing through much of the day. An isolated thunderstorm or two is still possible in the mix.

Tuesday (High 55, Low 35): Mostly sunny.

Wednesday (High 60, Low 29): Sunny.

Thursday (High 59, Low 34): Mostly sunny.

Friday (High 58, Low 38): Increasing clouds. 

This has been Severe Weather Awareness Week for Alabama and Tennessee

Tomorrow is Rocket City Weather Fest at UAH. James Spann will be signing books there after his presentation on the March 25th, 2021 tornado outbreak, in which his home was damaged. 

The next SKYWARN class is this Tuesday evening (Feb. 13th) 6 PM in Decatur at their AIDB regional center. It is focused on people who are deaf and hard of hearing, so sign-language interpreters and CART services will be provided. 

One of my favorite radio stations has been forced off the air after a bizarre theft of their AM tower. They are still streaming online and are getting some support to get the tower replaced. And they are still streaming music online - 101.5 FM WJLX in Jasper. They basically play classic rock from the 1970's through the 90's. 

And major congratulations to Taylor Sarallo on resuming her meteorology career at NBC-13 in Birmingham. She has a solid grasp of all the scientific side of it, and the thing I really like is that her personality is the opposite of most broadcast meteorologists, presenting it in a calm, clear way with no fluff. 

Here as we approach 1 PM, skies are overcast in Cullman. The temperature is 61 degrees. The dewpoint-temperature is 55, making the relative humidity 83%. Winds are from the South at 10 miles per hour. The pressure is 30.08 inches and falling. 

In Jasper, it is overcast and 64 degrees. The dewpoint is 61, making the relative humidity 88%. Winds are variable at 6 miles per hour, some higher gusts to 12 mph. The pressure is 30.09 inches and falling slowly.

Haleyville is overcast and has had some periods of light rain this morning already. Their morning Low was 50, which was about what we expected around here. I forgot to look at the Lows for the other two sites above, but basically the forecast verified. Haleyville is currently at 62 degrees with a dewpoint of 57, making the relative humidity 84%. Winds are South at 10 mph. The pressure is 30.09 inches/1017.7 millibars and falling. 

As you can see, while we've got plenty of clouds over the region, right now the focus for showers and thunderstorms is mainly in Middle Tennessee. There are more isolated showers down on the Alabama side. 

Ahead of this next cold front, our upper-level winds have firmly shifted back to the Southwest. 

The rest of today, we will have about a 50/50 shot at any one spot getting a shower. And as we've seen in Tennessee, some thunderstorms are possible too, enough unstable air for that. Our High will likely stay in the lower 60's, about 64 in Cullman. 

This front is going to move slowly. We'll have rain off and on throughout tomorrow and tomorrow night. High of about 66, Low near 57. Some places could see flash flooding or river flooding in the region. There isn't a really high chance of that, but it does bear casual watching to be on the safe side with yet another rainy weekend. 

And for Sunday, we'll have just enough unstable air as this strong low pressure system continues moving through that we will have to watch for a few storms becoming strong and maybe reaching severe limits in parts of the region. The main focus is down in Southern Mississippi back into Louisiana and Southeast Texas. But a very low probability of an isolated severe thunderstorm or two (about 5% chance) does extend into Walker, Winston, and Cullman counties in North Central Alabama. So it is always a good idea year-round to have a good way to get alerts (NOAA weather radio or cell phone alerts). And if you get a warning, try to be into a small central room or hallway on the lower floor of a sturdy house. Don't stay around any windows or electrical stuff. 

Important to mention the risk, but it looks like it is very low. For Sunday it looks like a High of about 64-65 and a Low of about 54-55. We'll have rain and probably some breaks in it through the day and night. If we see stronger storms, they may hold off until the evening or night hours. It is one of those borderline situations where you just have to ready in case any problems do come up. But for the most part, this is just another weekend rain event. 

Monday the rain will continue, and we could see isolated thunderstorms in the mix, but any stronger storms are expected to stay well to our South, in South/Southeast Alabama and into nearby parts of Georgia. Might can trim the rain chance back to 50%. But most of us will probably see some rain as this low pressure system and cold front continues to move through. High should be 60 or so and the Low near 50. And it'll be breezy because of the low pressure system, pretty good gradient winds. 

Beyond that, looks like high pressure and dry weather will rule the rest of the workweek, our next rain chances not coming until next weekend, just beyond this forecast period. 

Tuesday looks mostly sunny with a High in the mid-50's, Low in mid-30's.

Sunny skies Wednesday with a High near 60, Low near 30. 

Mostly sunny on Thursday with a High near 60 again or at least upper 50's, the Low rebounding to about the mid-30's. 

Friday should bring an increase in clouds but not expecting any rain until at least Saturday. High should still hover in upper 50's and the Low rebound to upper 30's. 

Rainfall totals will average up to two inches, but scattered spots may see closer to 3 inches. Remember if you ever encounter water covering a roadway - turn around, don't drown. For the most part, this rain event will be beneficial and help us finish getting out of our drought finally. 

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