Friday, March 15, 2024

Hitting the High Points Forecast Outline

 Rain will continue at times throughout today, but the severe weather threat is over for North Alabama and Tennessee. Temperature will hover in the 60's .

Tomorrow looking mostly sunny with a High near 70, Low near 50. 

High probably more like mid-60's for Sunday, and we'll cloud up again, could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm, not worried about any severe weather. 

The seriously cold air behind the front won't arrive until Monday, when we start the day around 40 degrees and then only warm up to the lower, maybe mid-50's, plenty of sunshine. 

We'll make it up to the mid, maybe upper 50's on Tuesday, sunny skies, but whoa, the morning looks like a reminder that we're barely getting out of the Winter season yet, Low should drop into at least the upper 20's and it's actually trending toward mid-20's, latest model guidance. Air will be very cold and dry. Of course we'll have widespread frost, and a hard freeze is possible.

Looks like Lows will be back in the 30's for Wednesday and the High back into the 60's, maybe even upper 60's, skies staying mostly sunny. 

Then we'll cloud up again Thursday, High in upper 60's again, Low in 40's, but I'm not sure we see any rain until next Friday, a week from today. And I'll try to iron out the details of that later. 

We did have some trees down in North Alabama this morning, and I misspoke earlier, it was actually Belk in Fayette County, not the city of Fayette, where a tree in the road caused a wreck, and there was also debris in the road from the storm in the same general area. It can take some time to collect damage reports from these overnight events anyway. Glad for no injuries here, but I know that further to our North and West, the areas hit hardest by this storm system, especially up in the Ohio Valley, there was a lot of damage from some tornadoes, and some people were killed. A lot of people seem to enjoy watchng that play by play, but I think I'll try to digest it later. 

8:03 AM update - Going to pass along the few wind damage reports so far. More may be compiled later today or tomorrow. 

1034 UNK 3 SW Hartselle Morgan AL 3440 8697 Tree down on residence along Guy Roberts Road. (HUN)

1047 UNK 2 NNW Belk Fayette AL 3367 8794 Trees and power lines reported down near the intersection of County Road 23 and County Road 105 in Fayette County. (BMX)

1052 UNK 4 SE Belk Fayette AL 3361 8787 Photo of a tree down across County Road 1 ... resulting in a motor vehicle accident. Also ... a report of debris across the road near the intersection of State Highway 15 (BMX)

It is good to be patient for such things though. It has been a long night for anyone watching the weather, even though we got off a lot easier than our neighbors to the North. And even these government workers have to take a break and recharge their batteries, only have so many people available at a time. I'm pretty sure one of the warnings out of the Huntsville office mentioned trees down in Falkville too. So we'll see what the next day or two turns up. At least we're not expecting any more severe weather any time soon. No there is no rush to finish gathering reports. The forecast looks nice after today, just a cold snap early in the new workweek. 

This Tuesday night will be our Spring equinox, oddly enough our coldest night in a while. 

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