Friday, March 15, 2024

Gathering a Few Storm Reports

These are in Universal Coordinated Time. To get Central Daylight Time, you subtract five hours.  

Yesterday and this morning was quite a severe weather event, even fairly active around here. Looks like the Ohio Valley got the worst of this one. 

1212 UNK 1 NW Grayson Valley Jefferson AL 3365 8665 Tree reported down near the intersection of Sweeney Hollow Road and Tyler Loop Road in Center Point. (BMX)

1212 UNK 4 SW Gadsden Municipal Etowah AL 3393 8613 Report of several homes damaged in the Camp Sibert Area southwest of Attalla. (BMX)

1212 UNK 1 S Attalla Etowah AL 3399 8610 Several trees down along Fayette Street ... some trees fell onto homes ... causing structural damage. {Photos relayed via social media. (BMX)

1216 UNK 1 WNW Ramsey Etowah AL 3399 8617 Trees reported down along a portion of Rocky Hollow Cutoff Road in Etowah County. (BMX)

1220 UNK Spring Creek Neshoba MS 3283 8904 Tree down in the Spring community. (JAN)

1220 UNK 2 NE Gadsden Municipal Etowah AL 3399 8607 Business owner reported damage to auto shop ... bay doors blown in ... insulation pulled out of ceiling and walls ... wall on second floor caved in. Near intersection of A (BMX)

1230 UNK 1 SSE Big Wills Creek Etowah AL 3397 8599 Report of a tree down blocking Whorten Bend Road at Whippoorwill ... report via social media. (BMX)

1241 UNK Reaves Etowah AL 3398 8579 Social media photos shared of a tree that fell onto a vehicle at Young’s Chapel Congregational Methodist Church. One person was inside the car and escaped without inj (BMX)

1256 UNK 4 ESE Moshat Cherokee AL 3411 8555 Roof off of a building ... part of it blocking a road. (BMX)

1257 UNK 3 S Mcadory Jefferson AL 3329 8701 Tree and power lines down along Fletcher Road near McAdory. (BMX)

1308 60 Anniston Regional Airpo Calhoun AL 3359 8585 Wind gust to 52 knots or 60 mph at KANB ASOS. (BMX)

1308 UNK 3 NNE Borden Springs Cherokee AL 3397 8546 Report of tree down across U.S. Highway 278 near mile marker 167. (BMX)

0140 150 11 WNW Lawrenceburg Lawrence TN 3531 8752 Photos from Tennessee Valley Weather show ping pong ball size hail fell in Deerfield. (OHX)

0325 100 Russellville Franklin AL 3451 8773 (HUN)

0402 100 1 NNW Moulton Lawrence AL 3450 8729 Hail size estimated from pictures. (HUN)

0421 100 7 ENE Pulaski Giles TN 3524 8693 Quarter size hail reported south of Highway 31 east of Pulaski. (OHX)

0000 UNK 1 NW Tremont Itawamba MS 3424 8826 Powerline reported down in north Tremont ... MS. (MEG)

0015 UNK 3 SSE Red Bay Franklin AL 3440 8812 Tree down on power lines. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

0100 UNK 6 E Savannah Hardin TN 3523 8814 Multiple trees down on Dew Drop Rd ... . Woodrow Rd ... . and Rich Rd. (MEG)

0145 UNK 6 WSW Summertown Lawrence TN 3540 8740 Tree down blocking Cemetary Road north of Henryville. (OHX)

0244 66 5 ENE Spring Hill Williamson TN 3576 8684 Tspotter report on Kestrel home weather station in Bethesda. (OHX)

0700 UNK 3 E Clifton Wayne TN 3538 8794 A few trees down ... one of which fell on a carport at a residence. (OHX)

0730 UNK 4 NNE Collinwood Wayne TN 3523 8773 Several trees uprooted or downed. Large limbs snapped off. Two premade sheds destroyed. A shed at a business under construction was destroyed. (OHX)

0813 UNK 1 E New Albany Union MS 3449 8901 Multiple trees uprooted and large limbs down near Union County Library - Jennie Stephens Smith Library. Time is radar estimated. (MEG)

0828 UNK Belzoni Humphreys MS 3318 9049 A utility pole was broken in downtown Belzoni. (JAN)

0832 UNK Algoma Pontotoc MS 3418 8904 Damage to a home in Algoma. (MEG)

0850 UNK 6 NE Houston Chickasaw MS 3395 8893 a downed tree on the Natchez Trace by mile marker 233 near Witch Dance. Time is radar estimated. (MEG)

0854 UNK 7 WNW Cherokee Colbert AL 3479 8808 Report of a tree down in the Riverton Rose community in Cherokee. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

0855 UNK 1 NNE Furrs Pontotoc MS 3425 8886 Large trees snapped in half in the Furrs Community. (MEG)

0857 UNK 3 SSW Verona Lee MS 3415 8875 Several large trees downed and uprooted. Time is radar estimated. (MEG)

0921 UNK 1 ENE New Wren Monroe MS 3397 8860 Tree down in Wren. (MEG)

0940 UNK 5 E Smithville Monroe MS 3407 8832 Tree down blocking Pearce Chapel Rd in Smithville. Time is radar estimated. (MEG)

1000 UNK 5 NE Harvest Madison AL 3491 8668 Tree down on Morris Rd near Pulaski Pike. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1006 UNK 1 SSW Flint Hill Lowndes MS 3371 8828 Damage to a home off McCool Rd ... possible tornado. (JAN)

1010 UNK 1 ENE Columbus Lowndes MS 3351 8838 Trees down on Sylvan Rd. (JAN)

1015 UNK 4 N Dossville Attala MS 3299 8956 A few trees down along Hwy 35. (JAN)

1020 UNK 2 SSW Flint City Morgan AL 3449 8699 Multiple trees down with blockage near Norris Mill and Bowles Bridge Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1035 UNK 1 NNW Ashridge Winston AL 3425 8748 Photos of trees done ... one possibly impacting a vehicle near Ashridge on Alabama Highway 195 north of Double Springs. Photos via social media. (BMX)

1039 UNK 2 ENE Falkville Morgan AL 3439 8688 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 2 ENE Falkville. Trees down with road blockage near Mt Zion Road and Nat Key Road. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1039 UNK 3 NE Falkville Morgan AL 3440 8687 Trees down and complete blockage near Cedar Cove Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1039 UNK 2 NE Falkville Morgan AL 3440 8689 Tree down with complete road blockage. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1039 UNK 2 N Falkville Morgan AL 3440 8691 Pictures and videos of damage to wooden barn on Cedar Creek Rd between Thompson Rd and Culver Rd east of Highway 31. Report from social media. Time estimated from radar (HUN)

1040 UNK 4 SW Somerville Morgan AL 3443 8684 Barn damaged on Community Lane. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1045 UNK 3 SSW Somerville Morgan AL 3443 8682 Trees down near Sample Road and Gum Springs Road. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1047 UNK 2 NNW Belk Fayette AL 3367 8794 Trees and power lines reported down near the intersection of County Road 23 and County Road 105 in Fayette County. (BMX)

1049 UNK 6 NNE Eva Morgan AL 3441 8670 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 6 NNE Eva. Tree down with partial road blockage near Eva Road and Chapman Drive. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1052 UNK 4 SE Belk Fayette AL 3361 8787 Photo of a tree down across County Road 1 ... resulting in a motor vehicle accident. Also ... a report of debris across the road near the intersection of State Highway 15 (BMX)

1055 UNK 11 W Good Hope Cullman AL 3410 8706 Corrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 11 W Good Hope. Multiple trees down in the Crane Hill area. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 9 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3453 8660 Photos from social media of trees snapped and uprooted as well as metal roofing tossed in Laceys Spring. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 7 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3454 8657 Trees down with blockage near McCutcheon Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 8 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3454 8659 Tree fell on a storage shed near Highway 231. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 9 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3454 8660 Trees down on Hough Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 7 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3455 8657 Trees down on River Loop Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1055 UNK 8 WSW Owens Crossroads Morgan AL 3455 8659 Trees down near Airport Road. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1100 UNK 4 ESE Eva Morgan AL 3431 8669 Trees down on Gum Pond Rd. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1109 UNK 2 W New Hope Madison AL 3454 8645 Damage to a car port ... powerpole ... and a downed tree. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1145 UNK 2 SW Oneonta Blount AL 3393 8649 Trees reported down along Lakeshore Drive in Oneonta. Report of power lines down along 2nd Avenue West and along County Highway 42. (BMX)

1145 UNK 3 NW Lakeview DeKalb AL 3443 8602 Video and pictures of damage to barn/chicken house with metal pieces tossed. Near County Road 72 and Ten Broeck area. Report from social media. Time estimated from rada (HUN)

1149 UNK 2 NE Highland Lake Blount AL 3391 8640 Several pine trees were snapped along Sycamore Dr and County Road 20 ... with Sycamore Dr being blocked. (BMX)

1150 UNK 2 NW Lakeview DeKalb AL 3442 8600 Damage to two barn structures ... metal roofing blown off and a wall caved in. Time estimated from radar. (HUN)

1155 UNK Altoona Etowah AL 3403 8632 Photos of a few trees down in the Attalla area ... post via social media. (BMX)

1158 UNK 1 ESE Highland Lake Blount AL 3388 8640 Photos show downed tree limbs with damage to a structure in the Straight Mountain community of Blount County. Photos viewed via social media. (BMX)

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