Thursday, September 14, 2023

Few Showers This Weekend, Then Sunny and Mild Next Week, Some Cool Mornings


Friday (High 80, Low 62): Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible. 

Saturday (High 78, Low 64): Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible. 

Sunday (High 80, Low 63): An isolated lingering shower is possible in the morning. Then becoming mostly sunny. 

(Extended Outlook)

Monday (High 81, Low 58): Sunny.

Tuesday (High 83, Low 56): Sunny.

Wednesday (High 82, Low 59): Mostly sunny.

Thursday (High 81, Low 60): Mostly sunny.


Viernes (Máxima 80, Mínima 62): Parcialmente nublado. Es posible que se produzcan lluvias y tormentas aisladas.

Sábado (Máxima 78, Mínima 64): Mayormente nublado. Es posible que se produzcan lluvias y tormentas aisladas.

Domingo (Máxima 80, Mínima 63): Es posible que haya una lluvia aislada y persistente por la mañana. Luego se vuelve mayormente soleado.

(Perspectiva Extendida)

Lunes (Máxima 81, Mínima 58): Soleado.

Martes (Máxima 83, Mínima 56): Soleado.

Miércoles (Máxima 82, Mínima 59): Mayormente soleado.

Jueves (Máxima 81, Mínima 60): Mayormente soleado.


The National Weather Service in Birmingham has some SKYWARN classes coming up, since our severe weather can peak again in November some years. 

Here are some reminders about hurricane preparedness, just in case you should need them later in this season. 

And the National Weather Service offices that serve Tennessee have put together a weather preparedness page in English and in Spanish. If you have any feedback on my attempts at doing forecast in Spanish sometimes, feel free to leave a comment. Always would like for that to be as accurate as it can be, just something I'm trying about once a week.


It was a sunny, calm day in the Tennessee Valley. The High in Cullman was 81 after a morning Low of 61. In Jasper the High only made it to 79 after a morning Low of 63. Haleyville had a High of 83 and Low of 63. Fort Payne had a few more clouds than other places at the higher elevation there, but had a High of 81 and Low of 61. By the way, winds have tended to be light from the North and East today at all these sites. Gadsden saw a High of 80 and Low of 63. Huntsville was another cloudy spot today, at least compared to a lot of us today, High of 86, Low of 63 there in the Rocket City. Decatur also making it up to 86 today after a morning Low of 62, mostly sunshine there today though. Also abundant sunshine for Muscle Shoals, where they also made it to  86, morning Low of 66. 

Elsewhere around the region: More clouds and a bit of an Easterly breeze up in Memphis today, High of 81, Low of 66. A mix of sun and clouds in Nashville, the Music City getting a High of 83 and Low of 54 today. Good bit of cloud cover down in Birmingham today, the Magic City even having some light rain passing through in the late morning. Their High was 80, Low was 68. Atlanta had a Mostly cloudy day, High of 80, Low of 71. They also had a passing thunderstorm today. Tuscaloosa also got up to 80, Low of 71, overcast with some light rain at times. And they also had some light rain today in Tupelo, High of 82, Low of 64. 

Looks like we'll be dealing this weekend with some weak shortwave troughs and then that cold front that is currently in Colorado and Nebraska. 

Looks like the rain will stay pretty isolated across the region tomorrow, High near 80 again, Low in the lower 60's. And we could have some thunder and lightning in the mix. 

Then on Saturday the front comes in, enough to bring the rain chance up to about 40% which is still scattered showers and thunderstorms. High may not quite make it up to 80 with more cloud cover and some rain around at times, Low should be in lower 60's again. 

Most of the rain will be out of here Sunday, though we could still see an isolated shower in the morning. High near 80 or so and Low again in the lower 60's. This is a weak front that won't affect temperatures much at all. 

Even with some Northwest flow aloft and high pressure moving back in, should see a High near 80 for Monday. The morning will be cooling with drier air allowing for better radiational cooling overnight, so the Low only in the upper 50's. 

Another sunny day on Tuesday with a High in the lower 80's and Low in the upper 50's. 

On Wednesday we'll get a little West/Southeast wind flow, enough to bring a few clouds back, no rain expected, High staying in lower 80's and the Low maybe rebounding close to 60 with the little extra moisture. 

Mostly sunny skies expected for Thursday of next week too with a High of about 80 or so, Low around 60. 

In the tropics, we have Hurricane Lee, Hurricane Margot, and a tropical depression trying to form about halfway between the Lesser Antilles and Cabo Verde Islands. 

Mostly good news on Hurricane Lee. It has taken that Northward turn that most the models expected and continues to weaken. Though it is bringing tropical storm conditions to Bermuda, and a Tropical Storm Warning has also been required for much of the coast of New England up to places in Canada like Nova Scotia. While it's important to take reasonable precautions for even tropical storm impacts, this was a major hurricane that stayed far away enough from land that nobody had major impacts from it, and it looks like by the time it hits land directly, it'll be below hurricane strength before dissipating. 

And dissipating over water looks like about all Hurricane Margot is going to do. 

Most of us should only see rainfall amounts up to about a tenth of an inch for this forecast period, but a few spots could see closer to a quarter of an inch, probably some of the Eastern counties. 

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