Wednesday, April 17, 2024

 Hey peeps, just a quick note to say the weekend is looking wet, unlike when I last had time to write up a forecast.

Very low chance of an isolated strong storm today through Friday, but overall it just looks like regular rain and thunderstorms, the strongest part of this storm system staying well to our North up around the Great Lakes. 

Just to brush over things, showers and storms are likely at times today with a High near 78.

Tomorrow any showers or thunderstorms should stay isolated, with a good bit of sun along with the clouds. The High in the lower 80's, morning Low near 60.

As we get into Friday, more of a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms again, about 40% rain chance, High near 80, Low in lower 60's. The Storm Prediction does have us in a marginal risk for an isolated thunderstorm reaching severe limits between now and Friday, but this is a very, very low risk that I'm not worried about.

As the front pushes through Saturday we'll drop to about 70 degrees for the High, down in the 50's again for the Low, rain chances staying scattered, about 30%.

Then the last wave of this system will increase our rain chances Sunday back to at least 50%. We'll see a High near 60 and a Low only in the upper 40's.

After that it looks sunny with Highs in the 70's and Lows back down in the 40's.

By next Wednesday it should be back to 80 or so for the High, Lows rebounding to 50's. If we can rely on the model trends, looks like we may actually stay mostly sunny and dry into the following weekend. But this time of year, best to keep a check on it every two or three days, because weather patterns can change a lot faster than they do in the summer. Just letting you know things are looking pretty good at this point. After the periods of rain through this weekend.

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